Saturday, January 9, 2010


last night, I ditched Kickboxing saying that I had to go to a friend's birthday Party.

Instead, my friend and I went to the beach.

It was cold, and I could almost feel the wind tangling around my body,

trying to rob me somewhere, I swear. (:

I like listening to this before I go to bed.

I just wanted to listen to the waves.

Oh and by the way, the stars were beautiful that night. They were so close,

Bright, like a car light hitting a "stop sign" in the middle of a pit black night.

I don't know why, but it did remind me of a 'light hitting stop sign' haha

(I'm just saying, it was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaly bright. especially in the cold black sky)

( you probably cant hear it that well because of the wind )

+I thought my hand was going to freeze off from holding my mp3 (recorder mode) out into the cold from my sweater.

No picture, just listen.

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