Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sometimes you'll have to see it to believe it

Sometimes you'll just have to see to believe it.

You know this year, I didn't just promise to create myself but to find myself. I feel the more I create myself, I add more false layers above my skin. More paint over my mask and more stones to my heart. I keep building lies into myself; 'creating lies'. White lies are even darker than 'real' lies, so I've learned. And I have to admit, I've lied so many white lies this year already, I've lost count. 'It's not a big deal', well yeah it sort of is. For me, It's the lack of trust that brings white lies...

As the sun begins to drop
and the sky starts to shade orange
In a big field
I seek for a small voice.
Very thin and very light
almost mute, almost not.
I'm still there,
waiting while
feeling the warmth of the falling star
melting my eyes,
my nose,
my breath.
Didn't know, but all this time
I was standing within that voice.


et said...

hey, a very belated happy new year! I've been away with.. exams!
So what's new with you this year.. started replying to comments? Good :)
Hope you have a wonderful time living 2K10!

Chocolate Lover said...

nice! :)

Becky said...

The way I see it
a lie is a lie
there is no black or white