Monday, October 5, 2009

But, What If

Now that I think about it, when I was younger-- and even now, when I would hear a story
I was never curious of, 'Why' something happened. I was just not a 'but why' child.
"What if" would have more likely to lead me to the solution.
I always easily, allowed myself to take things as they were told, I was never to fight or think against it. Maybe because I was never that smart to think of why, something had happened, or I might have just always like changing the story at least a little bit of my own spice.

For an example, like in action movies, I've never asked, 'why the good guys always won', or 'Why the bad guys always lost'.
It was either, 'What if the bad guys won--' or 'What if the good guys lost' and then my own picture would trace behind my own words and create a whole new next scene.
Maybe that's whats special, taking that whole curiosity into a higher level just might help me find a closer relationship with writing and literature.
But what was unfortunate was, every time I asked a "What if" question, nobody actually gave me the answer that I wanted. Never was satisfied with it's answer. It just wasn't what I was looking for--and realized, I was the only one with the answer. Answering my own thoughts, my own mind took control of my own answers...

Random post. I just thought it was cool-- because I suddenly remember reading an interview of one author and I remember her answering that, her curiosity of 'But why' as a child, brought her into writing til now..
And then I look at myself, wondering the exact opposite of, 'what if'.'

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WarmSunshine said...

I was also the kind of child ho would accept whatever told. I still am the same kind of person. I do feel one shouldn't be so much acceptable. There has to be room for skepticism too. That's how we learn :)

Nice write up! I love your honest posts.