Friday, September 18, 2009

I like imagining

"One by one
as the broken clouds path my way
I find a pattern in my steps
that always seems to repeat."
- me. Inspired by the picture above.

I love how the power of imagination can change everything in life. Especially
brushing away negative thoughts and minds--supporting the positive ones for
better outcomes. These days I feel like... having a vacation.. on my own. Like I want to spend some time with myself, catch up with myself, and organize everything 'up there'. I know I should be studying now, but I don't think that's possible until I get that vacation.

Anywaysssss, I've been pretty well. How about yourself? I've ACTUALLY been TRYING lately and, it proves... I'm shocked.

Last night, I laid there on my bed for like a half an hour (like every night) and just 'imagined' reality. I kind of liked it there, I felt peace... I like peace. And I like being alone.

I was at the subway station around 2-3 in the morning in Seoul with my future camera- Nikon D90, Listening to Epik High in blasting headphones. I was alone actually, walking to the beats of the track. You know that 'blue glow' in the middle of the night when your outside, where lights aren't really 'white, or yellow' more of a bluish tone if you know what I mean,--

I found a couple of cool looking graffiti spray painted on the walls and I took a couple of photos of that--

I don't know. I just like that whole ideal of that kind of peace. And having the world in my hands.<--AKA DSLR camera. My dream camera (Lately I've been obsessed with photography).

I like imagining.

It actually kinda helps me...

and I still have no idea-- what the point of this blog was.

I just like imagining. I think thats it.


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et said...

Without your blog, we would've missed something out here in the infinnate interwebs.. :)