Sunday, July 5, 2009

Michael Jackson.

I am so speechless right now.
I really don't have the guts to talk.

for the FIRST time in my life,
My retarded self got to hear his music--for the first time.....
in the 15 in a half years of
having the chance to listen---
I regret.
For waiting this long.
NOW I understand why he is the King of Pop.

I have nothing else to say.

I've cried throughout the entire songs he sang.

Music is Michael.

There was not a second where goosebumps left my body.

The most beautiful performance I can ever reminisce--


Rest Heavenly in Peace.


Audrey said...

I know. His Thriller album was sheer genius! It is such a tragedy.

Renee said...

He was definitely a performer extraordinaire.

Love to you sweet Hailey.


sxkim said...

i didn't realize how good of a actor heath ledger was before he died..... and i didnt know how awesome MJ was b4 he died too :( and how sexy they both are lol

i hate saying all that bullcrap quotes about life an' stuff and i hate to admit it but
u never know how good it was until its gone