Monday, May 25, 2009

5 more days. 5.30.09

Goodness! Five more days until the International Writing Competition! (It sounds so 'cool' when I say that)
I'm so nervous yet breezy. I've been studying a lot of 'vocabulary' that are more 'expressive' recently. So, basically, any English words off of magazines, books, interview, etc. etc that I don't know of, I would write them down into my note pad and find the definition of it on It's quite fun!
Anyways, I know I haven't been on often and it's not because I was busy, it's because I was lazy to post things up. I've been visiting people's blog and intentionally, I've fell in love with "Simply Me" 's blog.
(Honestly, I've picked out a couple of vocabularies there and wrote them into my note pad! Ha ha!)
You know what I found out recently?! That, I thought I was the only-15-year-old-blogging-on-blog spot-wishing for that writing, number one spot but
I've found tons! I was so shocked, I could not believe my eyes. I'm getting rivals now. Haha, just getting a bit resentment, but it's all good. Just got to stick with what I do.
Anyways, I will catch up with your blogs soon!


Audrey said...

How exciting - the contest is coming up very quickly. Sounds like you are prepared - I knew you would be!
It is fun finding others who share your interests, isn't it? Just so you know - no one can rival sweet Hailey!

an opinion said...

best wishes. Even I am hooked to "simply me".

Writing flowery words won't take you places. Infuse it with life. Let it smell of human earnestness. Give it a real-life punch... the power of narrating through your piece. Which I feel you do with elan.

Looking forward to some real good news.