Monday, April 20, 2009


Earlier when I was studying, I took about a good fifteen minutes off my mind on everything and just laid my head down onto my arms, listening to the beautiful play of the lyricless piano instrumental, Lion Heart and just tried to sleep. Another long week has begun--and I really think I just felt into a hole of depression.

But while I was listening to that music, my mind didn't actually take me to the goal I was going for, which was a short nap on my desk-- I was actually visualizing something, effortlessly. It was beautiful, I remember. And I remember this one part while I was just looking endlessly the endless water. The sun was falling, and I was standing in the middle of the horizon. That was for sure, and I saw orange lights, rays--12 different shades of orange. Shit, I shouldn't have gotten up.

Lion Heart--I listen to their music every single day. Everytime I pull my folder out to my screen, and just right before i start to type, That music is what gets me started.



Audrey said...

Sounds like you have found a "happy place." I am glad.

Here is something funny for you - yesterday, I went for a walk. I was walking down a busy sidewalk and I spotted a young girl. Right away I thought, "Hey! It's Hailey! And then I realized that there was no way it could be you! Just so you know, you have a twin in Canada. And that made me happy!

et said...

Music.. dissolves everything. Every time I read a post in here it seems so beautiful.. so this is the great inspiration behind your posts, ha? :)