Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i have never cried over something like this

So In class ( like the rest of my classes) i usually get down most of the ideas for my book-- so i usually do that during class, and unfortunately, i got caught and my fucking teacher took it away from me. So after class i went to her and asked for it back nicely--(to respect an elder) but she said no--and that's when i started going crazy. A white page of ideas and summers about the chapter i had to go home and edit--is all gone, and i cried and cried during class.
I told her it was fucking important
and she asked me why, but it wasn't like i could tell her straight up "oh I'm writing a novel"
so i just shut up and listened to her speak.
"My class is important too." she said.
Bitch, i've never said it wasn't-- i was just having one of the BEST visions of my life right in that music class and IF I DONT write it down, i would forget it - like forever. (so if you ever see me, you would see me either with a notebook or a piece of paper and pen in my hands)
so yeah, I cried so much....
i hate her. Why couldn't she just respect that.
Its written in English, what the fuck is she going to do with a paper full of English written words?
Its not like she understands.
My god im still pissed.

Other than that, i just got back from kickboxing! It was so fun!
Now i need to go take a shower.

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Audrey said...

Kick boxing...the perfect antidote to anger and rage! Good on ya!