Sunday, March 15, 2009

will I

I'm so lost.
I have no guidance.
Stars are trying to give me directions
but my eyes just refuse take them.
The clouds are pointing the way
but again, my eyes just refuse.
What now?
Am I stuck here forever?
Where will I find water?
Do I have to drink from the rain?
Where would I sleep?
Or will I ever have time to stop?
What about the sweaty clothes?
Will I have new pair to change?
What about my glasses cleaner?
Without them, my view is a big blur.
Will the sun ever shine south?
So it can guide my way?
Or will it forever only walk with me?


Anonymous said...

Patience Sweetie. you WILL find your way!

Anonymous said...

Hailey Sweetie, I need you to be really strong! I had SUCH a difficult time when I was 15! I was terribly unhappy, I wanted to be on my own, I felt like my family didn't understand me at all. I left home when I was 17. Sometimes, I regret that because I found out that the world was much scarier than I thought it would be. But sometimes I think that it was good for me. I had lessons I needed to learn. You can do this can hang in there and when the time is WILL move to New York! And I will come to visit you! Maybe we can get Renee to come as well!
Biggest hugs,

Anonymous said...

I moved to a small city about 80 miles from where my family lived. I moved into an apartment with a friend - that didn't work out too well! Neither one of us was really ready to be out on our own. We THOUGHT that we were but.... I really struggled for several years, and I had a difficult time rebuilding my relatinship with my family. I am really lucky that they never gave up on me. They were patient and, when I was ready to again be with them, they embraced me back. But I did struggle - I guess it is best to say that I was "confused" much of the time. And I longed for something, but I didn' know what that was. It took a few painful years before I was able to turn things around and get some direction to my life. All I can say is you need to keep you dream at the forefront of your mind. Never lose sight of what it is you want. Focus and you will get there. It may take time, and it may hurt along the way, but it HAPPENS Hailey! It happens!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome! I can't wait to meet Taylor!

Snowbrush said...

I saw your post on another blog about your Mom being in jail. I am so sorry. We must all be strong at different times and in different ways, and I admire you for your strength. You have a beautiful blog.

Renee said...

Hailey this is beautiful and remember the title of your blog 'Dreamers Dream.'

What ever you dream you can achieve, but there is truly a season for all things under the heavens.

Hailey something I discovered when I was 15 years old was the Desiderata, if you have not read it, I suggest that you do.

I am stealing your picture of the eye.

Love Renee

WarmSunshine said...

hi hailey

i've been to your blog before, some two or three months back and left a few comments :)

Ahhh this one seems so from the heart :) Girl, just hold on to faith, close your eyes and follow your heart. You'll never regret it!

take care.