Saturday, March 21, 2009


my halo shattered
and my wings folded,
All I'm left with
are these feathers shedding.
I'm sitting walking
like nothing went wrong,
still breathing
the same air down my lungs.
I still hear the same old laughter at the back of my head
and a little chatter
like birds chipper.
The ground is still steady
and the weather is still chill,
I guess this means
that nothing went wrong.
The airplane is still flying in the sky
and the flowers are still blooming outside
and all I'm left with
is this urge in the middle of my chest
soon about hatch from its long winter sleep.


Audrey said...

This one kind of made me feel a bit sad. Not sure why. I liked it, but it seemed....a bit sad.
Big hugs to you

Jeannette St.G. said...

Shedding your feathers huh, maybe you need to grow some new ones -bigger, longer, stronger, more passionate, more courageous, more warrior-like.
Okay to be sad, but I think you can survive and make a new life, have new hope, maybe even new dreams. Hope you won't let life pass you by.