Saturday, March 14, 2009

memories part 2

These are the pages of memories

that i would love to rip out,

and live again...

HAHA, i was SUCH a water freak- and I still am.
When i used to live in California, we went down to Santa Monica beach like EVERY week, and I would play for hours and hours- 6 hours was my record. Never got bored. The sun and water were my best friends.
Until this one day, i heard someone got stung by a jelly fish. Haha.
Life was so perfect then.


Renee said...

Little girls on beaches with the sun shinging down, what could be better really?

I love the banner picture Hailey.

Love Renee xoxoxo

kathy hare said...

Your blog is beautiful....

(caro)linetheclimber said...

Sounds like a dream to me(:
But why did you move from California?

I got burned by a jelly fish.. :/ But in Thailand, so there is a different.. ;)


P.S. the pics are still my favorites :D

Audrey said...

Oh Hailey, I am also a water baby. There is NOTHING I love more than hanging out at the beach. I love the sand, the smell of the water, the sound of the waves....pure Heaven!