Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love the fact that my life roles as a film. Everything i read, everything i imagine, everything i think of is filmed into a movie in my head. So basically, i watch movies all day. It's very entertaining.
I've found out a few days ago that, my power of imagination has grown into such a great level that, it's hard for me to break out of. It's serious, but in a good 'imaginary' way.
These days, its so hard trying NOT to put things into movies.

The novel I'm writing... i probably wouldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for the film inside my head. Everything is set like a picture- a moving a picture. Its like I'm right there either playing the role or simply following her around.

The picture is so clear that i fall so deep into it-
once i open my file to my chapter, it gets hard for me to fall out of it
when when i do, it takes a while for me to get into.
Just like watching a movie from the complex.
But i catch up quick.

Like earlier, when i was just sitting back from my chair, reading the chapter over again to pick up where Taylor left off, i fell into a new universe- and i stood right beside her.
Everything see comes to live- in my own eyes ( when they are closed )
And sometimes, i like that world better
but when I enter Taylor's, i feel greatful for mine. :)

I think i am a dreamer
a Creator?
maybe its time for me to bring the dreams alive
and the things i created
into 3D.
I think that's my mission..


SweetAnnee said...

Radio is awesome. Are you in S. Korea ...?? were you born there??

I like your blog.. 15 is a good age.
treasure it..deena

Audrey said...

Yes, I agree. You are a creater! I can't wait to see your creation when you are finished with it.