Saturday, March 14, 2009

I- thought.

I see light,
I see dark.
I can feel my wings stretching out from it's long winter sleep.
I can feel my feet lifting into the air
and I can feel the breeze divining over my cheeks.
I feel warmth over my shoulders
and I feel cold on the tip of my toes.
The light only shines on me,
well, that's what I thought.
I thought it was clouds
that was holding me up,
but it was my toes,
just on the tip of its toes.
I thought I already passed the mountains
when I'm still on the same damn hill.
I thought I was the one shinning,
when it was the Sun.
I thought my wings were out,
but those were only my arms.


Renee said...

Hailey I love the new layout.

Did you write this? Magnificent.


Love Renee

Audrey said...

You, Ms Hailey, are one cool chick!