Sunday, March 8, 2009

Have you ever/! 9 steps.

Have you ever spilled water on your books and you just HAD to find a damn way to get them to dry, asap?!
Well, This is what I did.
1. during class, i kept blowing on them until i was feeling lightheaded
2. Got home and stick them into the freezer- what the hell was i thinking.
3. pull them out a few hours later ( and they were hard as ice)
5. so i heated it into the microwave for ten seconds (I'm kind of mentally retarded.)
6. and it was all watery so i blew dry them
7. but there were too many pages so i left them outside for the entire day until i got back home from school the next day.
8. it dried, but it was ugly, wrinkly- water stain. Grossssssss
9. so i had to flat iron them with my HAIR STRAIGHTER.
DAMN I'm so genius.


Natalie said...

There is nothing more irritating than that!

Go the hair straightener!xx

Natalie said...

Hey Hailey, what does <3 mean?

Audrey said...

Hailey, I think this is very funny. And I have a great idea for it. You should try to pitch it as a commercial for hair care products. The commercial could feature a woman who got caught in the rain - her hair is a disaster. She tries all sorts of things....Hailey my could get VERY rich! And move to New York!

sxkim said...

LOL that's fuicking funny =)
u put them in the freezer?!?! then in the microwave!??!? lol! nice

Renee said...

Oh my God Hailey this is so funny.