Friday, February 27, 2009

Present, future

I would like to wake up on a king size bed
wrapped around in my blankets with breakfast in bed.
I want to be able to look outside from my room and see the oceans and the mountains
I want to see the sun high in the sky
being the first to greet me hi
I want the clouds to be my curtains
and the birds to be my eyes
I want to be able to walk out onto my balcony
and reach out to the sky
I want to see people laying on the sand
hearing there laughter's sounding like chants
In the afternoon i would like to go out with my girlfriends
and have a long chat
just about the life's that we used to have.
Knowing that
all that tears has finally paid off
and all that sweat has finally dried off
I want my past to be something I can look back to,
not something that I can relate to.
It's so hard for me to be who I am
when I'm so far from home
in the other side of land
But I really have no choice, do I?
All i can do is accept it and go on
which is really sad
But in the future
my present will be the past
that I KNOW I can look back on
and a past that I wont be able to compare from now
because I know I'll be living the life
that I've once dreamt of in the past
which will me my present
in the future from now on.


Natalie said...

Beautiful. Clever.

Audrey said...

This is a lovely poem Hailey!
- audrey