Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ever since I woke up this morning, until now currently 9:25 p.m I've been sitting on my desk revising, editing, deleting-- my novel. Well, not all that hours straight- but mostly. Today I feel very satisfied with my work. I was well focused and nothing got in my way. I've researched a bit about how to write query letters- and I thought that was pretty damn hard- but I'm getting there! It was rather fun actually. I never thought i had this part of intelligence ever existed in myself. Ha ha. So- now I'm about to work on queries again. And if i finally get them all down on the practice paper the way I want it, I will be sending them to New York next week! This is too exciting, though I will have to expect a lot of rejections- :)
I drank two cup of coffees today secretly, without my mom knowing- but you know what's weird... when I drink coffee, it actually makes me sleep well, a bit too well. I say that to my mom and she thinks I'm on crack. Lol.
Well, how was your day?



sxkim said...

lol nice i would think ur on crack if u slept well with coffee lol!

Renee said...

Yes get ready for rejections but hopefully they will come with some advice too.

You will make it. Knocked down 699 times rise 700.

Super exciting. By the way I have to tell you that is how I greet everyone with the peace sign.

Love Renee